It turns out that the Bjork clones she inspired - those British girls with their hair so randomly bunched and braided that in comparison Princess Leia looked as if she was having a good hair day - alarmed her more than they flattered her.

I always felt strongly about authority. I don’t like to be told what to do and I don’t like telling other people what to do. I think we work fine without bossing people about.

And fashion is a kind of bossing ?

For sure. If you don’t wear these labels and spend that amount of money you are committing the worst crime possible, which is to be distasteful. If you are not fashionable you are criminal. That is outrageous. It is like slavery.

What, then, about that extraordinary, fashion-victim costume she wore for the Oscars : half-dress, half-swan ?

But, if anything, that was meant to say people should wear whatever they want to wear.

Evening Standard , 15 August 2001