being drunk

What are you like when you’re drunk ?

Brrrrrrrr, that’s probably for other people to say [laughing]. When l’m drunk, I think it’s always been quite an Icelandic experience for me. For weeks l’ll work really hard, and l’m not the sort of person who likes to have a glass of wine every night, it sort of spoils it for me. So when I go out. I go out !

And binge ?

[Laughing] Is that what they’re writing about in the British press now ? Binge drinking ? l’m probably a binge drinker then. I tend to go out with a small group of friends usually to a small bar where there are not many people there and I get left alone. Usually the sorts of bars I like to go to, the people there are maybe too cool for school, they don’t bother me. I dance, probably make a fool of myself, and go to bed, wake up the next day hung over and it was a laugh ! I don’t usually get aggressive or stuff, that’s probably because it would be a week or two since I last had alcohol - I think that tends to happen when it’s night after night.

Attitude - 12.05.2007