challenging her fans

I’ve never been out to shock. I know that might sound like a surprise to some people, but that’s actually not where I’m coming from. Like, throwing up onstage just for the heck of it. I dont beleive in that , really. My target is not to challenge people or challenge my friends. It’s more just to exercise freedom and just say ; ’I’m not going to be tied down.’ Also, I dont want to push the ’no-no’ button because you shouldnt push it. I dont beleive in stuff like that. For me , I’m more driven by passion or by something I’m turned on by, and later I’ll meet the system and end up having to justify what I did. But the place it’s really coming from is just longing. Hand on my heart, I’m not here to shock.

Tokion Mag issue 50 , 2005