moving to London

Obviously I wanted to move on. It was a combination of things. I’d always written songs in my house, but I’d never sung to anybody, and I’d never intended to sing them to anybody ; it was sort of like my own diary, my own little safety net if you want. I’d got that bit older and travelled a lot and kind of already worked with everybody in Iceland. It’s very open in Iceland, you know, just like Gus-Gus.

You know, you’re in a heavy-metal band one day, and it’s not that big a deal, because it’s all the same people there, and everybody knows each other, and you’re brothers and sisters with everyone. It’s not like the catagories here, like style. People don’t care so much about style. You
can be in a heavy metal band and five minutes later be in a jazz-band ; it’s just like wearing a T-shirt and then getting yourself a jumper ; it’s not that big a deal.

The Times, 2 august 2001