pop music

Pop music to me is very very important. I think it’s one of the most powerful forces in daily life. I talked to my friend in America the other day and he said ’Oh fuck this pop music ; it’s bollocks, you know.’ And he’s a bit of a snob and he wants me to be writing Steve Reich music and so on. And I was like ’No it’s not ; it’s a lot more important, it’s a lot more powerful.

There are certain problems - personal problems ; say the average American person would get into trouble. Who would they call for help ? Aretha Franklin or Bill Clinton ? And I think that 90% of them, if they have a heartbreak, will put Aretha Franklin on. Or if they wanted to celebrate, which is just as important as being sad, they would put like [sings R-E-S-P-E-C-T], like Aretha Franklin on. Aretha Franklin is always there for them when they need her.

Bill Clinton of course, he takes care of other areas, which is like, maybe politics. Or takes care / takes care not of, you can argue forever about that ; let’s skip that one. But there are people that take care of politics, big politics ; that’s important. But music, pop music, takes care of the personal politics ; if they wouldn’t do it, nobody would.

There are situations when you can sit and talk with your best friend for ten hours and he can not help you ; the right song WILL. Now THAT’s how important pop music is.

loladamusica, 1995