her hemispheres

When I record live, I don’t think about the stakes, it’s completely instinctive : it’s the right hemisphere of the brain who is expressing itself. As a result, I don’t think of the logical and structural parts of the song. I keep myself away a few days before working again and even listening to these tracks. Then the left hemisphere takes the lead : "Let’s see,hmm.. what do we have to analyse today ?" (laughs)...It is this part of the brain who transforms these creative moments into songs. The more we grow old, the more we trust our left hemisphere. It drives our organisation, our storing. But unfortunately, every informations sent by the right hemisphere get off. It must be frustrated at the end (laughs)...I try to keep a balance between both by cheating on the left hemisphere, by lying to it. This is the only way to disconnect intelligence in order to recapture the instinct. When I want to do something dangerous, I make my left hemisphere fall asleep by sending false previsions to it, and, at the last moment, I change my plans and I chargein a different direction. If I wouldn’t be able to access to my pulsions, I wouldn’t be able to create more music. I would be cold meat.

Les Inrockuptibles, March 2007