I don’t like drinking with food, I think Iceland people are a bit old-school like that - we think if you drink with food then you’re an alcoholic ... but if you drink lots, on a Friday night ...

Then you’re fine ?

Yes. I think it’s called "binge drinking". I don’t see the point of drinking unless you end up dancing and letting go. I actually read somewhere that, if you look over a 40-year period, it’s better for your body because then you get rid of so much stress. Two glasses of wine, good for your heart ? Yeah, whatever. I just wake up next day and I’m a bit like, black and white, not in colour. But lots of drink, bit of dancing, bit of slapstick... is good ! Thing is, you can’t do that, that often. Twice a month would be good... but I can’t wait, I think, fuck it !

The Observer, July 8, 2007