picking who she works with

i am lucky enough to say that i have always been able to pick who i work with . 9 out of 10 times i have known the person for quite a while before with no work in mind and then it just sort of happens . spontaneously mostly . for example mark bell i had met back in 1990 , we had kept in touch and then in 1996 he came to spain for 2 weeks and stayed for 6 months . we ended up completing most of each other’s ideas for 4 years but always just took one week or one month at a time .

same goes for programmers or engineers or any collaborator , visual stuff or audio .

remixes are a bit different though , i like the honesty in them that it is about a collaboration between people that have perhaps never met . once in a while it is liberating to communicate only in the purest name of music without personal involvements but :

i have to say : being as helplessly human as i am i prefer one on one longterm in the studio situation any day . to jump in the deep end and become the others other half ... and again that goes for both engineers , programmers or music writers or players or producers or singers or photographers or ....

bjork.com messageboard, 30-11-2001 - 23:30 GMT