reading the press about herself

I do. I don’t change my ways, aiming to be liked, though. I more look at it as a bonus if they do. But overall, my music seems to inspire a reaction, and I feel lucky with that.

It’s not like everyone loves it ; the reactions have been very diverse and I like it that way. If I can feel conflict in the reception, it seems that people think I do so many different types of music — "Vespertine-style" or "Homogenic-style" or "Debut-style" or so on — and they get very opinionated on which style I should only do and skip all the others. So they argue between themselves about it. "Vespertine was the best one, why wasn’t Volta like that ?" or "Debut is the best one, all the others are rubbish" and so on.

I find it very interesting because the "styles" seem to be very equally liked. It just amazes me how differently to me they see it. It has sort of taken a life of its own. I do not think in those terms when I make music. At any given time I can only do the album I do. I cannot repeat myself. I cannot force a "style". But I do find it flattering that people feel so strongly about it all, though.

Under The Radar Magazine, Winter 2008