the swan dress

Are you secretly pleased to have gone down in Oscars history for wearing the most memorable dress ever ?

Um, a little bit. From my point of view if was a joke, you know. That nobody got ! Well, three of my mates pissed their pants ; they got it. I’m a bit surprised that they never write about the fact that I brought six eggs made out of Styrofoam, the size of ostrich eggs, and I kept leaving them on the red carpet and these Hollywood star’s bodyguards with walkie-talkies kept bringing them to me, like [affects yank accent] "Excuse me ma’am, you dropped something". And I thought il was hilarious, but that’s just my sense of humour. Perhaps I was a bit cocky and if sort of backfired in my face a bit. I just find it amazing that people look at the images of that picture of me in that dress, and next to it some Hollywood actress in a black Armani dress, and they actually think I was trying to fit in and got it wrong. Does this woman look like she was trying to fit in ? [laughing]. I do love humour in the way people dress. Self-parody was definitely part of it. I think people in Hollywood aren’t used to that - to take the piss out of yourself. It’s the sixth fucking year and they’re still writing about it ! It was funny, but not that funny. But I think that had I done it at Bafta and left those eggs around it would have been perceived in such a different way. I think that situation is so abstract anyway, it’s just like a red carpet and there’s the ’Gods of the Universe’ and everybody else should go on their knees and bow. I just don’t agree with that ; l’m too much of a punk.

Attitude - 12.05.2007