the swan dress

Wearing the swan dress to the Oscars was perhaps the most provocative and controversial fashion statement of all time. Do you sometimes feel that your visual side takes away from the musical, at least in the minds of the masses

It is a little annoying. I have worn more "outrageous" things in Europe and no one said a thing. For example what I wore at Cannes. I guess there is space in Europe for "eccentrics" there just isn’t in (the) U.S.A. at the moment. It is really sad. If Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Boy George, George Clinton or some of those people would arrive today, (the) U.S.A. wouldn’t be able to handle it. The Bush years have made this place really, really conservative. But perhaps it is also the hidden control thing Hollywood has. It is so sacred to people here. I didn’t know. I thought they could take a little bit of humour. If you make fun at Hollywood you will be punished for seven years (that’s how long ago that is, can you believe it ?). But to be honest with you I’d rather put my energy into what is happening now. In 2007 ..., September 10 2007