electronic music

All music has different branches. People say electronic music is cold, but for me, it often has lots of heart. It’s another branch, and there’s just as much passion and coldness in it as the rock branch. I think people realise it lot more in Europe with dance music and stamping their feet. It still seems to be stuck in the US. There’s still this rock critic, stuck-in-the-70s attitude about electronic music being cold over there.

But, slowly, it’s changing. People like Animal Collective, who I really, really like, are changing that idea. You know, people who are dealing with electronic in very soulful, human way. In Europe we have bands like Modeselektor to look to, bands who don’t copy Aphex Twin or LFO but make music with warmth, humour and emotional scale. It’s exciting. To me, that emotional scale is very important to everything, really, it’s what makes the music work. And making it work is always possible. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not the tool, but what you do with it.

TheLipster.com, April 10 2008