what she is like

I don’t like in-between stuff.I love really, really sweet stuff like chocolate cakes and then I love curry, vindaloo, do you know what I mean ? I guess I’m an over emotional person. I’m very, very happy or I’m very, very this or very, very that. Always two verys.

But doesn’t she find this kind of big dipper existence a bit exhausting ? Are the highs worth the lows ?

Yeah, because even when I’m miserable it’s over in five minutes. It’s like (sticks out her chin, bulges the veins in her neck and clenches a fist) brraaaaaagh ! And, then it’s over, I go all the way to the bottom but then I go (the fist now soars skyward and she leaps off the chair for added emphasis) whooooooosh ! That’s a very Icelandic thing. A Viking, hardcore, don’t-feel-sorry-for-yourself attitude. When I laugh, I laugh really loud. You have to hurt yourself laughing or it’s no good.

Hotpress, 10 august 1994