In the ’90s, you know, I’d go to dinner with friends, and we’d sometimes talk about how things were getting better for women. But in the last ten years, it was like something got stuck. I think it’s all about the Bush years. There’s this feeling of men running everything and having to be macho – the need to fill yourself up with power. It reminds me of women in the Reagan years and how it used to be. Back then, it was all about American females, how they became the most popular ones, culturally. You know, it’s not a coincidence that Material Girl was written then, was it ? I mean, Madonna had her tongue in her cheek in a way, and she’s become something else, but you can feel those eight years of Bush now like ’Woah’. But, thank God, I really think things are changing right now. People are caring a lot, lot more, and criticising the bad things with a voice that’s a lot bigger.

TheLipster.com, April 7 2008